What does the Bible Say about Suffering?

Bible Text: Romans 8:18-25 | Preacher: Ben Beswick | Series: Sovereign Through the Shutdown | Ben Beswick is a good friend of Pastor Davis’, and among other things, is a Doctoral Candidate at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (Biblical Counseling Emphasis). 

Main Point: “It is only when we see our present suffering in light of our glorious future that we are able to persevere (through suffering)…”

Many believers struggle with either an “over-realized eschatology” (minimizing the reality of pain and suffering in the world), or else with an “under-realized eschatology” (having no concept for how pain and suffering advance God’s glory throughout the world). For us all, Ben reminds us from Romans 8:18-25 – because of Christ, our future is certain – and it is indescribably glorious. 

Glorious for nature
Glorious for believers
Gloriously certain – for our future is given by God himself!

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