True Repentance

Bible Text: Matthew 3:1-12, Isaiah 40:3, Titus 3:4-8 | Preacher: Davis Lacey | Series: The Gospel of Matthew: The King and His Kingdom | This Scripture provides a timely warning for people like us – that is, for people who hear the call to repent and believe the gospel and think, “That’s a message for ‘those people'” (whoever “those people” are)…

Verses 1-4: The Kingdom of God can be defined as, “Earth’s realities aligned with the priorities of heaven…”

John the Baptist called people to “repent,” because the Kingdom of heaven is breaking in!

Repent – to turn, to be converted, to get a fresh start
Necessary, because we as God’s people are like “the wilderness” – sin has made us desolate
And necessary, because the Kingdom of Heaven is ushered in by “The Lord” (the KING) (see verse 3)

There are two (and only two) possible responses to the coming King and His Kingdom

Humble repentance

Verses 5-6: the response of repentance

Verses 7-9: the response of prideful rejection

Verse 10: the assurance of righteous judgment

Verses 11-12: the hope of the gospel

The baptism of the Holy Spirit means that our rotten, sinful nature is replaced by the Spirit himself; when we stand before God, He sees himself!
Possible only because the “mighty one,” Jesus, passed through the fire of God’s judgment on our behalf…

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