Ruth, Part 1: “Who Can Be Saved?”

Ruth, Part 1: “Who Can Be Saved?”
November 3, 2019
Passage: Ruth 1:1-2:23, Matthew 1:1-5, Romans 5:8-11

Who was Ruth?

  • An Outsider (i.e. a Moabite - cross-reference Judges 3, etc.)
  • A True Believer: Ruth's commitment expressed in Ruth 1:16-17 is more than a commitment to Naomi; it is a commitment (for life) to the true and living God of Israel!

Who was Boaz?

  • A land-owner (Ruth 2:3)
  • WORTHY (Ruth 2:1)
  • One who Extended God's Favor to Outsiders

Main Point of Ruth 1-2: God rescues those who cry out to him, no matter how far off they are...

Ruth is listed in the genealogy of Jesus not only because He came through her, but also because He came to her (and to folks like her: spiritual outsiders).

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