Scatter with Purpose

Missional communities are home- and community-based small groups of people from all ages and stages of life. The members of each Missional Community work to see other people grow more and more like Jesus Christ: with their heads (knowledge), their hearts (affections and ambitions), and hands (actions and practices).
Our missional communities regularly break down the Sunday morning sermon text in greater detail (head). But on any given week they may also spend an evening aligning their hearts and their prayers with God’s desires for the world (heart). Groups also make a habit of heading into the community for a night of relationship building and community service (hands). In all these thing, the people of our missional communities do more than study the story of the Bible; they live out the story of the Bible, together.

The point is simple: missional communities are the primary way in which ARCC facilitates people growing more and more like Jesus.  In order to find your place in a missional community, email Davis