Egg hunts will be divided by age categories in different sections of the field. For our younger hunters, eggs will be easier to find and will become a bit more challenging with each increasing category.

April 21st 2019

Hunt begins at 5:00pm

Harrison Park Ellijay

We invite families to bring a picnic to enjoy together after the egg hunt! Overflow parking is available at Ellijay Elementary School.

La caza de huevos se dividirá por categorías de edad en diferentes secciones del campo. Para nuestros cazadores más jóvenes, los huevos serán más fáciles de encontrar y se volverán un poco más desafiantes con cada categoría creciente.

21 de abril de 2019

La caza comienza a las 5:00 pm

Harrison Park Ellijay

¡Invitamos a las familias a traer un picnic para disfrutar juntos después de la búsqueda del huevo! Estacionamiento adicional está disponible en la Escuela Primaria Ellijay.

10,000 Egg Challenge

Help us bless this community with 10,000 fully-stuffed eggs for the community-wide Easter egg hunt on April 21! Here’s how you can be involved:

  1. If you live in North Georgia, and if you would like to make a physical donation of either plastic Easter eggs or unopened Easter candy, email
  2. At $0.25 each, 10,000 fully-stuffed Easter eggs will cost $2,500. If you would like to designate a donation to offsetting those specific costs, click the “GIVE” button at the top of this page and select “Community Outreach” as the destination for your donation.