Community Bible Reading (CBR)

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community bible Reading (CBR)




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Community Bible Reading (CBR)

The CBR Journal is a simple, straightforward tool that helps people make sense of Scripture. Whether you’ve been reading the Bible for decades, or else you’ve never cracked open a Bible – the CBR Journal will help you see how every section of Scripture points us to the good news of the gospel story (Creation, Fall, Redemption, and Response).
Equally as important, the CBR Journal is a useful tool for building community. Autumn Ridge Community Church facilitates gender-specific CBR Groups that read the same Scriptures through the CBR Journal, together. Each group is a safe environment for participants to ask questions, share reflections, confession struggles, and make disciples. 

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Whether or not you are part of Autumn Ridge Community Church, we invite you to learn more about the CBR Journal and to sign up for a CBR group by emailing Pastor Davis.